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The principle of life as a foundation for relationship with God

The Principle of Life and the principle of Existence

principle-of-lifeLife can be described in one of two ways, as a principle of life or a principle of existence. Life or death is a matter of interaction. A cadaver can be defined as a body that lost its capacity to interact with the physical world. It has eyes, but it cannot see, it has ears, but it cannot hear, etc. Since it can no longer correspond to the physical world, it is physically dead. In the same way, it does no good to have a mere religious label, to keep your name on the members list of a church or your body sitting in a pew. If you do not enjoy fellowship with God, you are spiritually dead. This is a symptomatic principle. Every person out of fellowship with God is diseased, whether born again or not.

The principle of spiritual life is based on interaction with God. In order to have interaction there must be agreement. In order to have agreement there must be revelation. In order to have revelation there must be brokenness. This is the progression of spiritual life and the essence of prayer: brokenness, revelation, agreement, interaction and life.

Man without brokenness is perfectly content to trod through his human existence without seeking after God. God offers us life, life with abundance but almost universally man opts for mere existence. It is incredible how much suffering a human being can go through and think that it is normal. Hunger is a daily expense of millions of people around the world today. Some of these think that it is good fortune to find garbage and leftover table scraps from other people’s tables.

The principle of existence is relative. The rich and wealthy without God enjoy a comfortable existence both physically and socially, however many of these people go through hell in their family and work relationships. On the other extreme, people become accustomed to the lifestyle that is unthinkable for the higher end.

Where the rich and prosperous or poor and miserable the common factor among human beings is the lack of brokenness. This is exactly the point at which life and the principle of life can begin.

The broken person has finally become predisposed and opened to change. Without this predisposition Man has no hope to receive the principle of life since he is satisfied with his lot. That’s the first step towards the principle of life and the abundant life this brokenness.

Once man has reached a state of brokenness he is now prepared to receive revelation. Without brokenness there is no need for revelation. This is because mankind, as long as he is able to tolerate his current circumstances is unwilling to listen to something new, another detail to remember, another challenge to face. He would rather be left alone and continue on in the rut that he’s become a custom to. The central point is agreement. Agreement is the practical aspect of a reconciled life with God. It is where everything fits together spiritually. Salvation is agreeing with the sacrifice of Jesus. Faith is agreeing with the Word of God. Purpose is agreeing with the will of God. Unity is agreeing with God to agree with others. Perseverance is agreeing with God’s dealings in our life in accordance with His plans. “Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation.” (2 Corinthians 5:18)

Interaction is the step that can be taken after there is a agreement. Without agreement interaction becomes merely conflict. While some people enjoy conflict just to break the monotony of their lives many people avoided at all costs and just one peace. When two people or a group of people are in agreement the next step is interaction, the desire to work together towards the goals that have been agreed upon.

The principle of life even before considering objectives that can be reached by it, grows and is strengthened by interaction. Another word for interaction within the principle of life is fellowship. Not only does fellowship reduce the principle of life, it feeds the principle of life.

The principle of life is both the beginning and the end. It is both of goal to be reached and the means to reach the goal. It is the life of God who is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the life of God the Zoe of God!

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