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Although every born again believer is legally an overcomer by right of spiritual inheritance, we know this is not the experience of all Christians.  Many Christians live defeated lives.  Is there such a thing as a defeated believer?  Can a person who lives in spiritual defeated still be a born again believer? The answer is yes because our salvation and new birth is not only a question of experience but also of legality.  Our salvation does not depend on our personal victory, but on the victory of the Lord Jesus.  It is one thing to be a born again child of God, but it is another thing to be an overcomer.  Salvation is the gift of God to those who believe in Him; but only the overcomer will experience victory and receive a reward.  Salvation comes by faith; however, the reward comes by works that we practice before God.

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I am a certified John C. Maxwell leadership speaker, trainer and coach. Owner of Tutor Doctor of North Phoenix, a world class, international, one-on-one, in home tutoring service. Founder of Zoe Connection Leadership and Strategy Solutions (ZClass)

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